You have to start somewhere

This is a start to blogging for Peter H. Davids. Right now I am teaching at St. Stephen’s University, and it is a very busy time of year, so I do not know how much I will be writing for a bit. Still, there is a lot to observe in the world. Here at the University we have just finished sex week, not that universities tend to lack discussion of sex, but this time rather than discussion taking place out of sight, we made sure that it took place in sight. There were positive presentations in chapel and men and women were invited to separate open discussions of such issues as our sexual stories, birth and body image, and sexual brokenness. It has been quite a week, for the students were often quite open and this gave us all a chance to share together. I think that it was very helpful in deepening community, especially for the women, who were more open to talking, but I think for the men as well.
All for now,

About Peter H. Davids

I am a retired Director of Clergy Formation for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, a retired professor, and an active Catholic priest (and former Episcopal priest for 34 years, writer, and editor). My present appointment is Chaplain to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Our Lady of Guadalupe Priory in Georgetown, Texas. I am also a priest available to parishes and communities in the Diocese of Austin, and the resident priest for the Austin Byzantine Catholic Community. I am married and so am a husband and also a father, and a grandfather.
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