Peter H. Davids is a biblical scholar living in New Brunswick, Canada, right on the USA border (about 300 meters from Maine). He is a professor, writer, and pastor, as well as a husband, father, and grandfather.

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  1. Brad Davis says:

    Brad Davis (TESM) here. I think of you often. Curious to see you are in Canada and Canadian. I learned five years ago that I am Canadian. Born in Cali, yes, living in the US, also yes, but my first home was Vancouver (age 1 mo to 10 mo) where my mother’s home was before we emigrated to the US to join my father. Anyway, if you receive this, it would be wonderful to hear from you. Deb and I are in Connecticut, retired after 30+ years as boarding school missioners, and still healthy and active. My ecclesial journey has not been as exciting as yours, but still following the Anointed. Everything good to you. Brad

    • Actually, the information is a bit old. I must correct it. I was born in Syracuse, NY to a British father (who had received American citizenship) and mother with British parents, so I grew up American although, unknown to me until 1996, I had British citizenship as well. We moved to Canada in 1983 at the invitation of Regent College in Vancouver (and did receive Canadian citizenship in 1989). Then in 1996 we moved to Austria for 6 years, then to Houston (my wife’s home town) in 2002, then back to Canada, to New Brunswick, in 2006, and finally to Houston again in very late 2010. In was in Houston that we met John Michael Talbot and that eventually triggered our entry into the Catholic Church through the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter in Feb 2014 (Andy Ringle was one of my two sponsors) and my ordination as deacon and priest in Dec 2014. I am now in theory retired, but serve as chaplain to the Dominican Sisters in Georgetown, TX, and also as priest-in-residence for the Austin Byzantine Catholic Community. I do remember you very well. Great to hear from you.

  2. faithofslo2 says:

    My name is Slo and i’m 15 and I have autism. I’m establishing a personal religion/spirituality for myself (for myself only-I do not want to convert anyone as this faith will just be for me) and I believe that action figures have souls. I want to establish a church for my action figures and I want to become a priest of my religion. I would like to ask you if you could, with your authority of the priesthood, could ordain me a bishop of my religion by saying a blessing/prayer for me in a email below. By ordaining me you would be establishing a new priesthood which I can give to my action figures. It would really mean a lot to me as I look up to you and everyone else I’ve asked has rejected me.

    • I am sorry, Slo, but only bishops have authority to ordain, not priests, and even they do not have authority to ordain outside of the Catholic Church. They only ordain priests within their own diocese. They only ordain bishops who have been appointed by the Pope and then do so together with several other bishops of the Church. Your request is simply outside the area of my authority.

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