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Clustering and Communion

In the recent Leadership Gathering of the BSCD the members were encouraged towards clustering in one form or another. This was one of three themes of Leadership, the other two being an increase in vocations and the need to pass … Continue reading

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The Exaltation of the Holy Cross – The Martyrs Win

Over the past weeks we have heard very saddening news about the state of the church in areas of Iraq and Syria (and to a lesser extent Nigeria). We have heard of beheadings, crucifixions, and destruction. We realize that Christian … Continue reading

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When will they ever learn?

I remember the folk song, probably from the 60’s, with the refrain, “When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?” That is what I think about when I reflect on the State of Israel’s war with the Palestinians.

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God Hates Violence

It was early in the story of humanity that we read, “In God’s sight the earth had become corrupt and was filled in violence.” (Gen 6:11) That idea is repeated two verses later. After the Deluge story there is the … Continue reading

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Semper Reformada?

Yesterday I was in two discussions with students about various theological systems. One group of students was very sincerely Reformed. At least one expressed concepts that were full TULIP. The issue was whether someone who rejected Reformed theology could be … Continue reading

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Back again

I have been offline for a while, at least in terms of this blog, for I have shifted my computers around and Windows Live was only on the computer I am no longer using. I had been using two computers, … Continue reading

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Future Possibiilities

With next year looking like SSU will be offering less in the way of work (although they pay me at adjunct rates and do not pay me for some courses, the pay Judy and I have received has been welcome), … Continue reading

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